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Print date: 23-01-2019
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The Valley of Dou’an.
[05/September/2004] Wadi Dou’an is one of the most famous valleys in Yemen and the most attractive sightseeing in the governorate of Hadhramout. It is very well known as the region where the best quality of honey is produced. Dou’an has become a trademark of the honey grade A in Yemen.

Wadi Dau'an is the most important and famous tourist attraction in Hadhramout. There are many attractive villages distributed on the two banks of the Wadi. Al-Hajrayn is one of these villages.

Al-Hajrayn is the most beautiful village in Hadhramout. Situated at the corner of one of the bends of the valley and divided into two adjacent parts on both sides of the bend.
It is the oldest village in Wadi Hadhramout over-looking a groves of palm trees and offering a stunning scenic.