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Print date: 23-07-2019
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Saudi-led coalition mercenaries commit 209 violations over past hours : Army's spokesman
[19/January/2019] SANAA, Jan. 19 (Saba) - The army's spokesman Brigadier Yahia Sarie on Thursday affirmed that the mercenaries of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition over the 24 last hours committed 209 violations.

Said declared in a press conference that the mercenaries fired 128 artillery' shells on citizen's farms and houses and sites of the army and supported by popular forces in Zaafran, Mahal Sheikh village, Shaab city and Shajan, Dhabiany neighborhood, Waha park, areas in Hais and Durihimy.
Sarie affirmed that the warplanes and Apache of the coalition troops were hovering from time to time over Hais.
He affirmed that they shelled other areas in Hodeidah using medium an light weapons.
He affirmed the monitoring of movement of troops of the mercenaries and new fortifications in area nearby Shaab city, Khadeed and Mazraa.
He added that 53 airstrikes hit several provinces, including Sanaa, Saada, Marib, Jawf , Taiz and Hajjah.
He confirmed the army repelled infiltrations of the mercenaries toward Said hilltop, Safia village, Ahem Mouthalath, Rashaha, Tala, Astar, Shabaka, Asida, Adhima and Mourbaba Hamad.
He affirmed that the army launched several attacks in Abar region of Taiz province, Boka, Maslob, Ghourfa, Zorka, Tibbab safr Hanaia in Jawf, Jasmia in Baydha, Tabat Shiky in Nehm.
10 operations were launched on Ahem Mouthalath in Hajjah, Dhi Naaim in Bayda, Mourbaba Hamad in Najran, Akifa, Sawh in Ajasher, Swaeel Nehm, Khalifeen, Astar in Khab Wa Shaaf district, Dhahr Al-Himar in Damt.
He affirmed that the mercenaries were inflicted on heavy losses and a commander belonging to them was killed in Boka, as well as the commander of a battalion of engineering belonging to the mercenaries in Ajasher desert off Najran.
He detailed some snipping and other material losses which the enemy suffered during this operations executed in several areas in war-fronts.