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Print date: 15-12-2018
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President meets heads of judicial, security institutions

SANA’A, Jan.03 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met on Wednesday with Head of the Higher Judicial Council Judge Ahmed al-Mutawakil, Attorney General Judge Majed al-Darbabi and Ministers of Local Administration, Interior and Legal Affairs.

The meeting discussed aspects of coordination between the judicial institution and the various security agencies.

It also dealt with aspects related to the cases of detainees and arrested in connection with criminal cases and other cases, which requires a quick study of the various files and documents in order to release those who deserve.

In the meeting, the president emphasized the importance of the commitment to all the provisions contained in the legal security controls document and the role of each party in its application on the ground away from selectivity.

He also stressed the need to complete measures to release those detainees included by the recent amnesty decision.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Interior Minister and heads of the Political Security, the National Security and the Military Intelligence Service.