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Print date: 16-01-2019
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Yemen strongly condemns terrorist attack in Egypt

SANAA, Nov 25 (Saba) – Yemen's President Saleh al-Sammad, Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf and the government spokesman, Information Minister Ahmed Hamed, on Friday strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula that killed 235 people.

In separate statements obtained by Saba, the president al-Sammad, prime minister bin Habtoor, foreign minister Sharaf and the government spokesman Hamed condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that targeted and killed the worshipers in a mosque in the Egyptian Sinai.

"This brutal terrorist massacre reminds us of the 2015 terrorist massacres that targeted worshippers in Badr and Hishosh mosques in the capital Sanaa before the army and popular committees moved to stop those Takfiri forces and protect the citizens from their evil," information minister Hamed said in his statement.

"However, the Saudi regime and those who stand behind the terrorist groups did not like the move and they launched their aggression war against the Yemeni people," Mr. Hamed said.