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Print date: 18-11-2018
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  Civil Society
Businessman donates humanitarian aid to Orphan, Blind Handicapped, Cancer centers in Ibb

SANA'A, Jan. 03 (Saba) – Businessman al-Haj Saif al-Saydi provided two-million-Riyals Humanitarian aid and food to Orphan Care House in the southern province of Ibb on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the businessman al-Saydi also presented 520,000 Riyal as aid and salaries for the Blind Union, also in Ibb.

Al-Saydi also handed over one million Riyal and 2,000 USD as a humanitarian aid to the Deaf and Dumb Association, in Ibb too. He also gave one million and 120,000 Riyal to the Handicapped Association.

The businessman also donated 845,000 Riyal to Mentally Handicapped Society and one million to support Cancer Center in the province.