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Print date: 13-12-2018
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Political Council approves measures actions to monitor domestic markets
SANAA, Sep. 7 (SABA) The Supreme Political Council on Wednesday approved re-forming the higher committee of overseeing and monitoring domestic markets.
The resolution came in a meeting headed by president Saleh al-Samad and his Vice-president Kasim Labusa in the presidential palace here in the capital Sanaa.
The decision aims at securing and preserving the stability of national currency and prices of staple, as well as providing vital basic food and supplies to meet the needs of local souks and citizens.
The council also ratified a matrix of mechanisms to activate the system of judicial oversight and police enforcement to protect public money and the prevent crimes and corruption.
They also discussed economic challenges face the nation due to the Saudi-led aggression since 18-month ago and reviewed possible solutions to overcome the suffering of the people.