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Greek PM passes vote of confidence in government with support of 151 deputies
[17 January 2019]
Sanaa's Whada Club organizes Second winter forum in capital Sanaa
[17 January 2019]
Health course on pregnant mother organized in Sanaa
[17 January 2019]
372 people infected with H1N1 flu in Yemen: Health Ministry
[17 January 2019]
Traffic accidents claimed lives of 293 citizens in Sanaa in 2018: Report
[17 January 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army foils Saudi-led mercenaries' infiltration in Asir
[18 January 2019]
Protest rally in capital Sanaa to condemn Saudi aggression violations
[18 January 2019]
Seven Saudi aggression air strikes hit Saada
[18 January 2019]
Saudi-paid mercenaries targeted in Asir
[18 January 2019]
Army's drone attacks Saudi army groups in Asir
[18 January 2019]
Coalition kills, injures more than 14 civilians in Hodeidah
[18 January 2019]
Coalition commits more than 437 violations in Hodeidah within 72 hours
[16 January 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over 24 last hours : Report
[15 January 2019]
Army kills dozens of saudi soldiers, mercenaries over 24 hours : Report
[14 January 2019]
2018 was catastrophic for Yemen's childhood due to saudi aggression: Health ministry
[12 January 2019]
OPEC cuts lead oil prices higher
[18 January 2019]
Rights Watch accuses UAE of violating human rights in Yemen
[18 January 2019]
Central Bank of Turkey decides to fix interest rate
[18 January 2019]
Sterling heals wounds
[18 January 2019]
Paris calls for appointment of new Renault president
[18 January 2019]
  About Yemen
Tourist Attractions In Taiz.
[13/September/2004] Taiz City.

It is the capital of Taiz province and the third important city in the country along with Sana'a and Aden. Sets at the feet of Saber mountain around 265km away from the capital Sana'a. Its history dates back to the 13th century A.D. when it had flourished as the seat of the Rasulade dynasty who had ruled Yemen from 1226-1454 A.D. The famous Arab Traveler Ibn Batouta described it as one of the largest and most beautiful cities.

Until recently, it was enclosed in stone wall 13 meters high with guard towers and five gates. Now , two merely of those gates are survive: Al Bab Al Kabeer and Bab Mousa. Parts of the wall still stand around Al Dahia Fort.

The Rasulid schools and Mosques of Taiz were well-known. Among those that still stand are Al Ashrafeyah School ( atributed to the Rasulid King Al Ashraf 1377-1400 A.D.) with its two white Minarets standing among volcanic rocks at the foothills. Also stands Al Modhafar Mosque and Al Mu'tabiya Dome which is beautifully decorated in watercolors.

Al-Qaherah Castle.
It is very outstanding historical landmark in Taiz, sets on the northern slopes of Saber mountain. The castle was erected in the reign of Ottomans who had taken control over Yemen from15th century A.D. to1918.

AL- Janad Mosque.
It is located in Al-Janad Plain some 20km north of the Taiz city. Souq Al- Janad was one of the Arab Seasonal Markets before Islam.

The Mosque dates back to the first century of Islam. It was built by the Revered companion of the Prophet, Mu'adh Bin Jabal in the 8th year A.H. (630 A.D).
Al-Janad Mosque and the greater Mosque in Sana'a are the oldest Mosques, in the Islamic era along with the Mosque of Prophet Mohamed in Holy Medina .

It is a historical seaport some 94 km away from the city of Taiz overlooks the Red Sea. The city had flourished as a significant port and commercial center due to the prosperity of Yemen coffee export trade since the late 16th century A.D. Thereupon, Yemen coffee became known as Makha coffee attributed to the name of Makha Seaport.

Makha had lost its importance as a trading port to the Port of Aden in the late 19th Century and to the port of Hodeidah in the 2nd half of the 20th century. A few ruins of old Mokha has still remind us of the ancient glory of this city. The most important feature of Mokha nowadays, is AL-Shadeli Mosque and minaret which date back to more than 500 years ago.
The most important tourist recreations nearby Makha are several vast beautiful beaches, surrounded with palm and coconut trees, such as Yakhtel and Al Mulk beaches, located between the mouths of Wadi Rasyan and Wadi Mawza.
Jebel Saber
Among the highest mountains in Yemen with an altitude of 3070 meters Many springs and streams run on its sides and the lights of its cliff-hung villages are mistaken for stars. An exciting road leads from Taiz to the top of the mountain.

The road is filled with the activity of a living mountain 'female venders of fruits and roses, dressed in their traditional gowns that have no equal, tread the road with their ware in baskets balanced on top of their heads. Farmers and visitors in four-wheel drive vehicles vie for right of way with goats, sheep and cattle.

The most prominent tourist attraction in the governorate of Taiz. It is situated in the southwestern Taiz city , some 30km far away. It contains a number of historical sites. The most important is the tomb of the famous Mystic (Sufi) Sheikh Ahmed Bin Alwan, who lived in the middle of the 7th A.H century (13th century A.D).

The shrine is located in Yuofris Mosque, known as Sheikh Ahmed Bin Alwan Mosque. The Mosque also a very outstanding historical building in Taiz. It dates back to more than 500 years ago.

The Weekly Souks
Many weekly Souqs are held throughout the governorate. The most famous one is Souq Al-Bearain that held on Wednesday in Al-Bearain region , around 35km southern Taiz city. Souq Al Dhabab is another commercial venue held on the Sundays in the Wadi Al Dhabab, nearly 5km western the city of Taiz
Al Ghareeb (Stranger )Tree

One of the most attractive features in Al-Hojjarea district. It is an old Baobab tree of huge size, sets in the area of Duqm Al-Ghurab, some 50km southern the city of Taiz, on the right side of the asphalt road leading to Turbat Dubhan.

There are several tourist recreations in Taiz governorate such as Wadi Adh-Dhabab and Wadi Al-Barakany- two valleys on the right side of the Taiz-Turbat Dubhan asphalt road. Al- Musaimear valley is another beautiful tourist resort in Taiz.
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