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Tribal meeting in Dhamar affirms confronting Saudi aggression
[16 January 2019]
Public Works, Water Ministries discuss cooperation in service projects
[16 January 2019]
PM discusses with Mahweet's Local Council conditions of province
[16 January 2019]
Shura Council's Defense & Security Committee discusses plan for 2019
[16 January 2019]
Designation of permanent camp for scouts in name of deceased al-Hibishi approved
[16 January 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army targets Saudi-paid mercenaries in Bayda
[16 January 2019]
Video footage shows army foiling saudi-led mercenaries infiltration in Asir
[16 January 2019]
Army repels saudi-led mercenaries' infiltration in Hodeidah, kills dozens
[16 January 2019]
Army bombards saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Jizan
[16 January 2019]
Saudi-led coalition militias bombard Hodeidah
[16 January 2019]
Coalition commits more than 437 violations in Hodeidah within 72 hours
[16 January 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over 24 last hours : Report
[15 January 2019]
Army kills dozens of saudi soldiers, mercenaries over 24 hours : Report
[14 January 2019]
2018 was catastrophic for Yemen's childhood due to saudi aggression: Health ministry
[12 January 2019]
öArmy inflicts heavy losses on saudi-led coalition over last few hours : Report
[10 January 2019]
Canadian citizen kidnapped in Burkina Faso
[16 January 2019]
Moscow Washington is preparing to accuse Russia of supporting
[16 January 2019]
Israeli channel: Netanyahu urged Trump to support operation for restoring "Mossad" elements in Iran
[16 January 2019]
Yemen condemns Nairobi's terrorist bombing
[16 January 2019]
Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane to be out of action until next March
[16 January 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: Army escalates assault against Saudi-paid mercenaries in all fronts over 12 hours
SANAA, Oct. 22 (Saba) – The Yemeni army stepped up offensives against sites of Saudi-paid mercenaries in various fronts in the past 12 hours, killing dozens and wounding others, a military official told Saba on Monday.
In Taiz province, the army repelled attack of the mercenaries towards al-Kahadah area of Ma'afar district, killing and wounding a number of the mercenaries.
In border province of Jizan, the army shot dead a Saudi soldier in Mashala site and fired artillery towards Saudi military groups in al-Mashbah site.
In Najran province, the army fired artillery at Saudi soldiers' gatherings in Saudi military site of Morash.
In also Najran, the army's drone, Qasef 1, waged a series of strikes on groups of the mercenaries in al-Buqa area
In Jawf province, the army foiled an assault of the mercenaries towards al-Salan area of al-Maslub district, leaving heavy casualties.
In Marib province, dozens of the mercenaries were killed and wounded in the army's attack in Nehm and Serwah districts.
In Hajjah province, the army launched artillery towards groups of the mercenaries in Medi area, killing and injuring many.
In Bayda province, the army carried out an attack on sites of the mercenaries in Qanih area, killing and injuring a number of the militiamen, the official added.
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