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PM calls on businessmen, wealthy to help insolvent prisoners
[25 May 2018]
UNICEF plane carrying vaccines arrives at Sanaa airport
[24 May 2018]
Football Tournament starts on Martyr President al-Sammad's Cup
[23 May 2018]
JMPs: Yemen unity will remain despite occupation
[23 May 2018]
President al-Mashat: New invaders' ambitions will never be realized in Yemen
[21 May 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Saudi-led warplanes wage 21 raids on Saada
[25 May 2018]
5 civilians killed in Saudi-led airstrike on Saada
[25 May 2018]
2 vehicles of Saudi-paid mercenaries destroyed in Taiz
[24 May 2018]
Army, committees attack Saudi troop in Jizan, Najran
[24 May 2018]
Tens of Saudi-paid mercenaries killed in Taiz
[24 May 2018]
Report: Army’s rocketry, artillery force targets Saudi troops over 24 hours
[24 May 2018]
Report: 6 civilians killed in 10 Saudi-led airstrikes over 24 hours
[24 May 2018]
Report: Army, committees fire Zilzal-2, kill13 Saudi soldiers, mercenaries in battlefronts over 24 hours
[23 May 2018]
Report: Woman injured in Saudi ground attacks, 18 airstrikes on Yemen over 24 hours
[23 May 2018]
Report: Fisherman killed in 27 aggression airstrikes over 24 hours
[22 May 2018]
Yemeni parliament Speaker congratulates his Argentine counterpart on National Day
[24 May 2018]
Suffering of persons with disabilities in Yemen discussed
[24 May 2018]
GCAA appeals to UN, int'l orgs to lift ban on Sanaa Airport
[23 May 2018]
President al-Mashat congratulates Venezuela's Maduro for his 2nd win
[23 May 2018]
FM condoles his Cuban counterpart in air plane crash
[20 May 2018]
Yemen’s Supreme Political Council condemns martyrdom of president al-Sammad

SANAA, April 24 (Saba) – Yemen’s Supreme Political Council condole the Yemeni people and Islamic nation for the martyrdom of the President , Saleh Al-Sammad.

The Council also approved the selection of Mahdi Mohammad Hussein al-Mashat as the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council for the next stage in accordance with the internal regulations of the Council.

The Council discussed in a meeting on Monday the latest political developments in Yemen and declared an official statement to clarify what will be after al-Sammad.

The statement said the Saudi and Emirati aggressors and their allies, along with the US, have passed all the red lines with their “criminal adventurism” in Yemen, without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

The greatest martyr in the march of his great jihad did not hesitate , decline or retreat and the more threats increased the more he was standing steadfastly , patiently and strongly until he reached the last stage in his life and the most important responsible one that is the presidency of the country, which came in exceptional, critical and sensitive circumstances, the statement added.

Yemen’s president hero met his Lord and became a martyr ,as he was always looking for , on Thursday, April 19, 2018 in Hodeidah province. He was targeted by an air raid of the Saudi-led coalition’s raids while he was doing his national duty.

He proved that he is the right man , that is worthy of success and the challenge, did not push his chest in any day and did not lose his balance even in the most difficult circumstances and conditions.

 He proved his wisdom, patience and patriotism in his consensual approach in all situations and circumstances.

His greatness and loyalty to his people and homeland were so clear in all his deeds at all levels , where he was always visiting all fronts , preparing , equipping men , sponsor and follow all the necessaries of the battle and the confrontation on the caosts and lands.

His frequent visit to Hodeidah , his participation in the exercises , participation in training , rehabilitation courses and his insistence to descend to the coast before his death despite his knowledge of the danger he may face is an evidence of his greatness.

He was the safe fortress for all the spectrums of the people and for all political, intellectual and tribal streams without any exception in front of the Internal and external conspiracies.

He was loyal to the army, popular committees, security forces and was a symbol of a great man who put a system and law and had good virtues and principles of idealism and Yemeni identity of the whole faith.

We will be so loyal to our pure presient’s blood and to all who sacrificed thier soul to make this country and its pople safe and protect Yemenis of the invaders and we will continue the sacrifice and steadfastness path till achieving victory.

The logo that is put by the martyr president ” a hand builds and other protects ” will be the title of the coming stage in a path of institutional work , building and real movements and actions to face aggression’s forces and we promise that we will not change this way whatever challenges were big.

Mona M
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UPDATED ON : Fri, 25 May 2018 02:01:14 +0300