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President calls for ending aggression forces’ control over Yemeni oil
[21 March 2018]
Political bureau of Ansar Allah offers his condolences to the death Assayed al-Moayed
[20 March 2018]
President meets with a number of women leaders in Sanaa
[18 March 2018]
President stresses on coordinating int’l orgs’ efforts in Yemen
[17 March 2018]
Arrest two tons of drugs
[11 March 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army fired ballistic missile attack Saudi Aramco in Najran
[22 March 2018]
Yemeni forces target Saudi F-15 fighter jet in Sa’ada
[22 March 2018]
Antonia Calvo: the solution in Yemen is not military
[22 March 2018]
Saudi-led criminal airstrikes hit several provinces over Tuesday
[21 March 2018]
Two vehicles of mercenaries destroyed, crews killed in Jawf
[21 March 2018]
Army carries heavy losses in enemy ranks, it's mercenaries
[18 March 2018]
Saudi-US aggression war jet launch 26 raids on number of Yemeni provinces
[17 March 2018]
Report: Dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries killed in military operations over past 48 hours
[12 March 2018]
8 civilians killed, 13 injured in Saudi airstrikes on Yemeni provinces
[09 March 2018]
Report: Army attacks against Saudi troops over 24 hours
[22 February 2018]
Yemeni missile force unveils missile Badr 1
[22 March 2018]
Official warns against using Yemen as int’l conflict field
[17 March 2018]
Yemen's FM meets with new UN envoy
[13 March 2018]
WHO Cargo plane arrives to Sana'a airport
[12 March 2018]
FM meets Resident Representative of ICRC
[12 March 2018]
President meets sheikhs, notables of Bani al-Hareth district

SANA’A, Dec. 27 (Saba) – President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met here on Wednesday with a number of sheikhs and dignitaries from Bani al-Hareth district in the capital Sana’a.

The meeting discussed the repercussions of the unfortunate events that took place in the capital Sana'a in early December and the effects they had left on the various tracks, in the forefront is the service aspects, especially those that were subjected to acts of destruction as a result of the continued aggression.

The president pointed to the role of Bani al-Hareth tribes in the revolution victory and in purging Sana’a of corrupters, maintaining the revolution’s gains and confronting the aggression.

He indicated that this struggle was crowned with the pioneering position of this tribe’s sons in facing the recent sedition.

“ It was wanted for the capital Sana’a to become like Aleppo in Syria,” al-Sammad said. “There was international supervision for this scheme since more than a year.”

The president continued:“ We know what Sana’a occupation means.. the generations would suffer from this occupation a generation after generation.”

He affirmed that there was a scheme inside the capital Sana’a, where there were more than 6,700 recruits prepared in groups to take points and control over the institutions.

The president voiced his hope that the coming phase will see positive steps toward activating the role of services in the various fields, as well as the continuation of supporting the fronts with money and men to defend the homeland and its security and stability.

The sheikhs and notables of Bani al-Hareth district congratulated the president on ending the sedition and aborting the aggression conspiracy.

They confirmed that they will remain steadfast and will work on reinforcing the honor fronts with money and men and supporting the political leadership in all its reforming steps.


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