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Report: 49 Yemeni civilians killed in 212 Saudi aggression airstrikes in six days

By Baseema al-Absi

SANAA, Apr 5 (Saba) – At least 49 civilians were killed, Including thirteen children and six women, and 16 others wounded including a woman and child in 212 airstrikes launched by US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes on several Yemeni provinces over the past six days, officials and residents told Saba.

In Sanaa province, the aggression warplanes launched 55 air strikes on the districts of Nehm, Hamdan, Sanhan, Belad Alroos.

The airstrikes on Nehm killed eight citizens, including a woman, and injured two other civilians.

In Saada province, the aggression launched 49 airstrikes on several districts, including Dhahir and Ketaf.

Also in Saada, four Africans, including a woman, and a Yemeni citizen were killed in a raid on the Alrko market.

The airstrikes on Saada also killed eight children and two women and wounded four others in air raids on a house in Baqem district.

In Taiz province, the aggression fighter jets waged 39 air raids in Mokha city, and Mawza district, al-Nar and Howzan mountains, al-Wazeea region and Al-Omary area.

In Mareb province, the aggression warplanes carried out 15 raids on several civilian regions, including Serwah and Hareb al-Karamesh districts.

In Jawf province, the aggression warplanes launched four raids on citizens' farms in Khader Valley of al Matamma district.

In Hodeidah port city, the aggression launched 16 air strikes on different areas in Kamaran Island.

In Hajja province, the aggression warplanes launched 4 airstrikes, particularly on Haradh border crossing.

In Shabwa province, the Saudi aggression launched two air raid on Atak district.

In Amran province, the aggression warplanes carried out two raids on a stones-crusher factory.

In Lahj governorate, the aggression fighter jets launched 11 raids on Kahbob district.

In Abyan province, the aggression carried out four air strikes by pilotless planes on Al Mahfd area.

In Ibb province, the aggression fighter jets launched one raid on a mosque in the city and damaged it along with nearby houses.

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UPDATED ON : Tue, 17 Jul 2018 20:50:10 +0300