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Fighting corruption is one of pillars of state building: President al-Mashat
[08 July 2019]
Gov't, Shura Council discuss joint tasks within national vision
[08 July 2019]
Deputy PM launches work in executive, coordination units of national vision
[08 July 2019]
Public Works Ministry launches work according to 1st phase plan of national vision
[08 July 2019]
Oil Minister stresses on completing executive mechanism of national vision in oil, mineral sector
[08 July 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Yemeni force target a military vehicle carrying mercenaries off Najran
[09 July 2019]
Yemeni army targets Saudi Airport, Power Station in Abha
[09 July 2019]
Katyusha, "Zilzal-1" missiles targeting mercenaries' gatherings in Hajjah
[09 July 2019]
Army' drone , artillery unit targets mercenaries' gatherings in Taiz
[08 July 2019]
Army firs Katusha missiles on mercenaries' gatherings in Taiz
[08 July 2019]
When will the suffering end in Yemen?
[07 July 2019]
_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport
[10 June 2019]
3 children injured with aggression' artillery in Hodeidah, Saada: Reports
[27 May 2019]
US-Saudi aggression wages residential neighborhoods , vital installations over 24 past hours in Hodeidah: Reports
[27 May 2019]
Aggression forces continue to breach Hodeidah agreement, hit Taiz, Saada over 24 past hours : Reports
[25 May 2019]
FM confirms Govt's commitment to provide all facilities to humanitarian orgs
[09 July 2019]
FM congratulates Venezuelan Foreign Minister on National Day
[05 July 2019]
Head of national delegation meets UN envoy
[04 July 2019]
Humanitarian crisis in Yemen the worst in the world: Report
[04 July 2019]
FM condemns Israeli occupation attacks on Syria
[03 July 2019]
Rebels 'breaching fresh ceasefire'

SAADA, Sep. 19 (Saba) - Hours after announcing the army was suspending military operations against the Houthi rebels in the north, an official source said on Saturday the Houthi followers violated the ceasefire.

The Houthi insurgents accepted the move and said they were committed to it, and now they are breaching, spokesman for the Office of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces said, adding they attacked the troops at their posts in the districts of Almalaheez, Saada, and Harf Sufyan, Amran.

Earlier, head of the mediation committee said the rebels breached the fresh ceasefire that came under directives from the leadership.

Faris Mana'a said the rebels fired rockets at houses and military camps, urging the Houthis to adhere to what they accepted and were committed to.

For the second time in two weeks, but this time as the feast falls, the Yemeni government announced on Saturday the army was suspending operations against the Houthi insurgents in the north.

The suspension started 12 pm Saturday.

The conditional suspension, however, is tied to commitment of the rebels to a six point-ceasefire announced by the government weeks ago and that calls on the Houthis to implement the following conditions:

-Ceasefire, opening roads, eliminating landmines, coming down from mountain peaks and ending stationing at positions and roads.
-Full withdrawal from all districts and stopping intervening in the local government's duties.

-Return spoiled military and public equipment.

-Release troops and locals.

-Stick to the constitution and law.

Early this month, the government announced suspending military operations against the rebels in the northern parts of Saada and Amran.

Hours later confrontations between the two sides broke out again, ending a short-lived ceasefire that was, according to official sources, breached by the rebels who resumed their attacks against military camps.

The September 5 ceasefire was prompted by the calls of relief organizations which urged the government to stop battles in an attempt to allow them to provide aid for more than 150.000 displaced people.

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