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Print date: 17-10-2018
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[06/July/2005] Al-Whada, state funded weekly newspaper published a commentary talked about the G8 summit being held in Gleneagles in Scotland.

The commentator stated that today the G8 leaders started their three day summit in Scotland with aim of addressing a number of critical issues on top of which the warming climate, debts of the poor nations and HIV. Unfortunately, this significant meeting would make little to help poor countries pushing up the development process and getting ride of the obstacles the have been facing.

The writer continued to say that the G8 leaders are concerned about their own problems which are totally different of the poor countries. The summit is not expected to make poverty history as many hope and demand, even thought the great deal of the poor countries debts might already be written off.

The columnist came to say that G8 should take some practical decisions to help the poor countries fighting poverty and diseases, moreover, an increasing support for the sustainable development programs is an imperative.