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Print date: 20-10-2018
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Al-Gamaheer, May 25,2005.
[25/May/2005] Al- Gamaheer opposition weekly, mouthpiece of the Arab Ba,ath Socilist Party, its editorial talked bout the 15th anniversary of the Unity. The paper described the unity as the most outstanding performance Yemeni people had made in their modern history.
It said that Yemeni people have been celebrating to mark the 15th anniversary of the unity the most significant achievement they had managed to bring up in their temporary history. They have been celebrating this occasion after unity and democracy had been deeply enhanced.

The paper called for taking the advantage of marking the national day of the unity to gear up the development drive.
It said that in spite of the numerous achievements which had eventually made since the unity, there is no room for complacency as there so much to be done in the various fields.

Al-Gamaheer concluded its comment saying the national day of the unity must be an incentive that gives us a new impetus to continue to try to improve our performance. Thereby, we shall have to go on further speeding up the reforms programs that could help the country overcoming the challenges it has been facing.