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Print date: 15-11-2018
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The Taiz-based Al-Gomhuryah, May 25,2005.
[25/May/2005] The Taiz-based official daily, Al-Gomuhryah ,its leading article underscored the influential leadership of HE the president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The papers editorial said that president Ali Abdullah Saleh had managed to bring Yemen up to the line of democratic states. Most importantly was that Yemens had embraced to political and democratic reforms 15 years ago, therefore the Yemeni democratic experience viewed as a pioneering in the region , moreover the Yemeni initiative in the field of democratic reform was highly appreciated by all friends around the world.

Al-Gomhuryah,s editorial commended president s Ali Abdullah Saleh policy toward terrorism phenomenon. The editor said that at the domestic level president Saleh had embarked on a very wise manner in handling the terrorism plight , meanwhile at the regional and international level he adopted a pragmatic policy. At both levels president Saleh scheme for fighting terrorism turned to be so effective.