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Print date: 15-12-2018
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ِAl-Thawrah, May 25,2005.
[05/July/2005] Al-Thaw rah, the leading official daily focused its editorial on the president of the Republic word he delivered yesterday in the city of Al-Mukkal at the conclusion of a training course held there for the Mosques's orators and preachers.

The paper stated the president of the republic had emphasized in his word yesterday on the role of the mosques' orators in raising the peoples awareness of the serious sequences of extremism and radicalism. He said that the mosques' orators have a key role to play in preaching the Islamic values and instructions that called for tolerance, consolidation , love and cooperation.

Althawrah went on saying the president of the republic Ali Abdullah Saleh has repeatedly called for tolerance and warned of the dangerous sequences of fanaticism and radicalism. So , in his speech yesterday he urged the mosques orators to shoulder their responsibility in disseminating moderate culture and fostering the national unity so as to help the country overcoming the obstacles it has been facing.