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Print date: 17-10-2018
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Al-Thawrah, Jan.12,2005.

Al- Thawrah , the state run daily , its editorial came out under the title \"The Palestinian Issue .. New Stage\".

The paper,s column called on the Palestinians people of all political stripes to come to the occasion and keep up with the latest developments in the Palestinian and Arab arena so as to stand up to any attempt aims at disturbing their national unity and breaking up the Palestinian front.

Al- Thawrah went on saying the Palestinian successful election is a turning point in the history of the Palestinian issue, therefore Israel will leave no stone unturned to defame the positive image of the Palestinian election which attained a worldwide appreciation.

The paper described the American reaction to the Palestinian democratic event as a good gesture. It said that\" American administration had welcomed the democratic mobility in the Palestinian arena\". \"Now it is a time to bring about a justice and comprehensive peace in the region\". It added.

Al-Thawrah, ended its leading article saying \"Washington has no sounded reason to delay adopting the practical steps for enforcing the international resolutions which are pertaining to the Palestinian Israeli conflict\".

Following all these developments the Palestinian ordeal should come to its end, otherwise none of us can put blame on the Palestinians if they have to resort to other means to keep on their struggle for obtaining their own goals.