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Print date: 19-11-2018
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THE 14 OF OCTOBER, Jan.1,2005.
[01/January/2005] The Aden-based national daily, 14 of October focused its editorial on the judicial reforms. The editorial came out under the headline the Judiciary’s Year.

It stated that a substantial reformative move has taken place in the judiciary domain at the outset of the new calendar year. The judicial movement is a gesture signals that a genuine reforms and practical steps have already been adopted in the field of judiciary.It is a step forward in the right direction as judiciary is a corner stone in the process of reforms.

The paper went on saying, undoubtedly, this wide range judicial movement in the courts and prosecutions around the country is a great achievement due to help modernizing the judiciary system. This reformative move in the line of judiciary are being widely welcomed because this sector had never experienced such changes earlier. Hence, it was in dire need of this decisive measure to purge the judicial authority from the corrupt and incompetent elements.

The 14 of October came to say that focusing on the judicial reforms is very necessary to combat corruption and create a proper atmosphere for the development in the country. It is not a flaw to recognize the corruption for it is necessary to realize the problem so as to get ride of it.