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Print date: 19-11-2018
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ِAl-Gomhuryah, Dec.28,2004.
[28/December/2004] Algomhuryah, the Taiz-based official daily focused its editorial on the Khartoum summit of Sana'a Grouping. The editorial came out under the headline Khartoum s Summit is a Step Forward in Favor of the Grouping s Peoples.

The paper stated that Sana'a grouping third summit wrapped up its activities yesterday in the Sudanese capital al Khartoum. A final communiqué was issued expressed the grouping's stances on the major issues in the regional arena.

Thus, the summit came out with a number of significant upshots, on top of which signing on memorandums of understanding over combating illegal commerce across the borders and seashores and bolstering the cooperation in the field of navigation as well as setting up a council of businessmen to promote commercial relations between the peoples of the grouping member states. In addition to the above, the summit approved the accession of the federal republic of Somalia to the grouping.

Algomhuryah went on saying ever since the establishment of Sana'a grouping in the capital Sana'a in October 2002, President Ali Abdullah Saleh had made it clear that this grouping is aiming to promote cooperation among the member states in the areas of economy, security and trade to ensure peace and stability in the region and serve the interests of its peoples.
And this bloc will never be against anyone, on the contrary it is welcoming the accession of any part in the region who wish to join to.

Algomhuryah concluded it s editorial saying the most prominent question dominated the Khartoum's summit was the call of HE President Ali Abdullah Saleh for a comprehensive conciliation between the countries of the African Horn. Long standing disputes over the borders and internecine strife in the African Horn had caused unbearable suffering and heavy loses, so it is a time to put an end to this dilemma.

Hence, the Yemeni vision along with Ethiopian government five point peace initiative that submitted to the Khartoum s summit to settle down the Ethiopian Eritrean borders conflict had eventually proven out that Sana'a grouping is aiming to bring about stability , security and prosperity in this strategic region.