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Print date: 22-10-2018
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AL-SHMOA, Dec.11.
[12/December/2004] Al- Shomoa, Independent Weekly, its editorial talked about the ruling party, the People General Congress( PGC). The paper called on the (PGC) to embrace an intramural reform so as to cope with the challenges facing the nation and the PGC itself.
It stated that it is a time in which the PGC should take on a reformative process within its own components in order to be able to keep up with local and international changes which have taken place recently.

The paper went on saying the next stage bears several challenges the PGC will have to face, thereby it should be more effective and ready to stand up to them. The party needs to update its components and replace a number of its old veteran leaders – some of them should no longer remain - because they can add nothing new , nevertheless they do not allow any reformative plan aims to develop the party politically and ideologically.

AlShmoa came to say that the PGC was a key factor in bringing about political stability in the country so it ought to maintain its role in the political landscape.

Thereupon, the party should have to adopt a genuine reforms so as to keep up with the upheavals took place in the internal and external arena. An urgent reform process has become an imperative step to purge the PGC of dissidents.