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Print date: 16-10-2018
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[11/December/2004] Al- Thaw rah, the leading national daily focused its editorial on the Yemeni Eritrean relations. The editorial came out under the title " Break The Ice & Focus on Future.

The paper described the outcomes of the Eritrean president Isiasi Aforki visit to Sana a and his talks with president Ali Abdullah Saleh as a breakthrough in the relationships between the two countries.

It stated that the positive and fruitful results of the talks between the president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Eritrean counterpart Isiasi Aforki have brought about a new era in the partnership and cooperation between the two neighboring countries and friendly peoples.

The paper went on saying the political leaderships of Yemen and Eritrea are fully a ware and convinced that the common interests which can be achieved through mutual development projects are the best guarantee for consolidating the bilateral ties between the two sides, furthermore bringing about a security and stability in the region. Consequently, going on the development drive to secure a prosperous future for the generations.

Al-Thaw rah came to say that generally speaking , we can say that outcomes of the talks between the Yemeni and Eritrean leaderships have made a breakthrough in the field of the relationships between the two sides. This eventually is a significant step forward will spell over its positive impacts on the African Horn countries and the whole region.