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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Al-Sahwa, Nov 25 , 2004
[04/December/2004] Main Headlines:
- GPC, Sana\'a branch, university holds an organizational students session supervised by Basurah
- Inhumane measures against prisoners,
- Beit al-Faqieh security brutal aggression on citizen on the second day of Eid al-Fitr

Under the title “This is America\", columnist Ahmed Othman wrote an article saying the American forces have rendered the Iraqi city of Falluja into heaps of rubbles and a mass grave. Those forces have dropped cluster bombs and all types of internationally-banned weapons and thousands of children, women and elderly people corpses remained for days in the city\'s streets. The wounded bleed to death and those of whom who remained alive have been killed by soldiers of the American forces.
The American forces have prevented journalists and reporters from covering the events and the massacres in Falluja. They have also prevented relief and other humanitarian organizations from entering the city in an attempt to rescue a wounded child or a woman to bury the dead.
Eyewitnesses, with tears in their eyes, talked about dogs eating from bodies of the victims of the civilians that were littering the streets of Falluja, a sight clearly depicting the American civilization and democracy of which we are still demanded to apply as a humanitarian example in our countries as a means for getting rid of despotism of the regimes that are the main cause of what we are being exposed to.
We have forgotten or rather appeared to forget that the American civilization was basically founded on the annihilation of the red Indians in America.
Despite of all that happened of massacres at the hands of the American forces soldiers some American congressmen confirmed the necessity of stopping the idea of taking reporters to accompany the American army so that they would not be embarrassed before the world.
As for the carnages perpetrated by American soldiers, they are an example of the democratic reform for which America wants us to demonstrate in our countries in support for implementing them in our Arab countries.