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Print date: 24-01-2019
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Al-Thawrah, November21.
[21/November/2004] Al-Thaw rah , the national daily focused its editorial on the dialogue that president Ali Abdullah Saleh has adopted as a an effective mechanism and a civilized manner for addressing the various controversial issues.

It stated that due to his open minded and perceptive character HE. president Ali Abdullah Saleh had embraced the dialogue for handling many problematic questions since his early years in the office.

He has already gained a worldwide fame as a leader of the dialogue so that the Russian Glory Institute has honored him the civilizations dialogue decoration as an appreciation for his major role in bolstering the dialogue process locally and regionally. Said the editorial..

The paper went on reciting the fundamental achievements which president Saleh had managed to bring about through the dialogue. It said that president Saleh usually prefers the dialogue as the best option for resolving the problems he used to face. He actually had made great achievements through this civilized means, on top of which are the national unity, political stability and regional security.

AlThawrah pointed out to Yemen role in enhancing the international dialogue among nations and civilizations. It said that under the leadership of president Ali Abdullah Saleh Yemen had participated actively in promoting the dialogue regionally and international.

For instance, it had arranged and hosted several regional and international functions dealt with democracy, human rights and civilizations dialogue.