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Print date: 19-11-2018
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Al-Thawrah, November 20.
[20/November/2004] Al-Thawrah , the leading national daily, its editorial stated that the government is considering setting up the Somalia supporting fund in a move to translate the president of the republic calls on the international community to help reconstructing Somalia into actions.

The paper asserted that the Yemeni political leadership has been doing its utmost efforts to help putting an end to the catastrophe in Iraq, Palestine and Sudan, nevertheless to bring about peace and security in the Middle East.
Al-Thawrah went on saying the president\'s call for launching a campaign for rebuilding the war-battered country of Somalia, obviously emphasized on the brotherly and humanitarian obligation to assist the reconciliation process in Somali so as help bringing stability and security to the African horn.

The paper called for a unified Arabic stance and action to back up the Iraq, Palestine and Sudan so as to help them overcoming the difficulties they are facing. Arab urgent positive reaction, to the upheavls which has been taking place in the region, is an imperative act to cope with the challenges impending the Arab nation at the present.