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Print date: 19-12-2018
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Al-Thaw rah, November 15.
[15/November/2004] The leading national daily, Al-Thaw rah , called on the Palestinian factions to take advantage of the international community sympathy with the Palestinian issue-apparently appeared during Arafat’s funeral ceremonies- to serve their cause’s interests.

The paper’s editorial said that Arafat’s death had drawn a worldwide sympathy with the Palestinian people’s case . The great funeral ceremony held for the late Palestinian leader demonstrated a very positive gesture of the international community which expressed its sincere sympathy with the Palestinian issue.

The paper viewed this positive attitude toward the late Palestinian leader as a good opportunity for the Palestinians to call for an international pressure on Israel to halt its aggressive policy and come back to the peace process for putting an end to the long standing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “ The Palestinian factions and newly leadership shouldn't lose this opportunity”. The paper said.

Al-Thaw rah called on the Palestinian factions and people alike to line up around the newly leadership and maintain their national unity so as to obtain the independence and regain their rights.

Thus , Palestinians should keep in mind that they are facing a malignant enemy will strive to sow the seeds of internecine strife among the Palestinian leadership and factions . As president Saleh said “ Israel would withhold no means so as to make the Palestinian factions fighting each other”. The paper ended.