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Print date: 14-11-2018
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AL-AYYAM, November 9.
[10/November/2004] Al-Ayyam, the leading independent daily published an article of high praise talked about the American presidential election.

The article came out under the title “ A Lesson From The American Democracy”. By the prominent columnist, Mohammed F. Al-Shaibani.

The writer highly appreciated the American democracy and implicitly criticized the Arab rulers who have not yet embraced democracy.

He pointed out to the reciprocal accusations during the election campaign between the two American candidates for the presidency. The president George W. Bush and the senator Kerry. He said that the two candidates had exchanged the accusations .

Senator Kerry said that president Bush had failed to administer the country’s economy duly and to get ride of terrorism … etc. However, president Bush neither he charged Kerry with the great treason nor he give orders to the FBI or the CIA to arrest him and bring him into accountability.

The writer went on appraising the American democracy and peaceful interchange the power. “ The American president George Bush had made much efforts to woo the voters so as to give him their votes. This is actually unimaginable in the Arab world”. Said the writer.

Al-Shaibani ended his article saying “ When the results showed that president Bush has won and senator Kerry lost, Kerry did not claim that the elections were fraud but he rang Mr. Bush to express his congratulations”.