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Print date: 21-11-2018
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The 14 of October , Nov.9.
[09/November/2004] The Aden-based national daily, 14 of October focused its editorial today on the Iraqi crisis. It stated that the security situation in Iraq is heading for further deterioration and the future of the war-battered country seems to be so gloomy.

The paper went on saying the American bombardment on Al-Fallojah is continuing to pave the way for sweeping it. This is eventually a serious escalation will cause a heavy loses and an unbearable suffering for Iraqi people.. A humanitarian catastrophe is besetting the war-ravaged nation.

The paper’s editorial called on Iraqi people to keep their national unity and team up their efforts so as to maintain the Iraq unity and regain its independence as well as bring security and stability back to the war-torn country and go on rebuilding the modern Iraq.

The 14 of October concluded its comment saying “ Putting an end to the foreign occupation and turning to the constitutional legitimacy have become an imperative measures to bring about peace and stability in Iraqi and the entire region”.