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Print date: 18-12-2018
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The 14 of October. 31/10/2004.
[31/October/2004] The Aden- based national daily, 14 of October talked in its editorial about Yemen's support to the Palestinian people.
The paper siad the president of the republic Ali Abdullah Saleh had reiterated Yemen's support to the Palestinian people in their struggle for regaining their rights and establishing their independent statehood.

The editorial went on saying Yemen used to support the Palestinian people and will go on backing up the Palestinian leadership until obtaining the independence.

The paper called on the Palestinian leadership to keep on their national unity and let no room for Israel to take the chance of president Araft's illness in creating interscine strife among them.

It said that due to his concerned about the Palestinian national unity, HE.President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on the Palestinian leadership to team up their efforts and maintain their national unity to stand up to all Israel's policy. The paper ended its comment.