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Print date: 21-10-2018
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Alshmoa, October 30.
[31/October/2004] Al- Shmoa, independent weekly in its issue No.(259) Oct.30, published a critical article entitled “ The Great Emperor of Al-Faloujha”.

The writer Taha al-Ameri, highly appreciated the heroic resistance of the Iraqi national movement in Al-Faloujah , whereas he severely rebuke the passive stance of the Arab and Islamic regimes.

The writer described the city of Al-Faloujah as great emperor due to the fierce fighting launched by the Iraqi patriots against the foreign occupation troops.” Al-Faloujgah is worthy to be a great emperor for its heroic struggle to stand out to the invaders. It is also a worthwhile to be crowned as the capital of Arabic dignity”. Said the writer.

The writer also hailed the Palestinian upraising against the Zionist occupation atrocities and brutal policy. "The Palestinian Intifadha a long with the Iraqi resistance in Al-Faloujah are the only couple brilliant realms in the gloomy situation of the Arab and Islamic nations. The Palesitinian and Iraqi resistance is the single glimpse of light signals to the Arab and Islamic dignity “ . The writer said.

Al-Ameri went on flattering the Iraqi patriots courageous struggle against the occupation troops “ a single martyr in AL-Faloujah is parallel to the whole nation and one fighter is better than the overall Arab armies”. He said.

The writer concluded his article saying “ we have great hope of the young generation who would defend the Arab people interests and regain the nation’s rights. concluded his article saying”.