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Print date: 13-12-2018
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Al- Thawry, Sept 30, 2004
[07/October/2004] Main Headlines:
- On the Palestinian intifadha the YSP hails struggle of the Palestinian people and their right to establish their independent national state
- In a new violation of freedoms, Al Wassat newspaper before prosecution on charges of offending Saudi Arabia

YSP organ editorial says as was the case with the banana republics in the seventies of the last century, Yemen is still living this compound of comprehensive violence practiced against opponents and against various elites and segments of the people. Prohibition and fields of red lines mines sowed by the authority are still besieging all, stopping the freedom of movement and the will of action. This is how the broadlines seem to frame the future of Yemen, the frames of the seventies past when pre-organised condemnations and teams of inspection and arrests.