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Print date: 21-10-2018
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26 Sebtember, Sept 30, 2004
[07/October/2004] The Editorial:
In its editorial the newspaper says some parties inside and outside the country, from those having hostile stands towards the revolution, unity and democracy, is haunted with feelings of jealousy and envy when they see and perceive that Yemen has achieved successes in any fields or at any level. This is especially seen regarding Yemen successes in the foreign policy and its developing relations with others that are based on the approach of rationality and keenness on Yemen’s interests and avoiding Yemen the dangers and challenges. Those would try by all means work for offending Yemen and its relations with its brethren and friends. If they cannot achieve that end they would fabricate hostile allegations against Yemen. An instance of such allegations is that they claim that Yemen’s good relations with the United States of America are due to “ Yemen subservience to America” , of which we wonder what kind of subservience they are alleging.
Yemen, free in its decision and courageous in its declared stands, has the loudest voice in the region with regard to facing the American policy, whether regarding to what is happening in Palestine and Iraq and others, or against the full bias of the U.S. to Israel. Yemen was and is still among the first countries in the region that opposed the American hegemony in the region and did not allow making its territories a place for any foreign presence or any kind of other presence. Moreover, Yemen’s stands supporting Arab issues in Palestine, Iraq or Libya or Sudan are the cause for Yemen to endure very much.