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Print date: 11-12-2018
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Al-Thawrah, 14 of October, Al-Mithaq. Oct.5.
[05/October/2004] The leading national daily, Al-Thawrah, focused its editorial on the circumstances in the Arab arena and the passive stance of Arab leaders toward the on going developments in the region.

The paper stated that the serious upheavals in the Arab World has revealed the weakness of Arab political regimes which recently have lacked the minim effectiveness. But , what is too strange and astonishing is that Arab leaders try to play down the crucial deteriorations in the region.

The bloodshed in Palestine and Iraq do not provoke any sort of Arab leaderships reaction. However , everyone is a ware that the nation's fate is heading for the edge.

Al-thawrah called for an urgent Arab initiative based on mutual understanding, trust and solidarity so as to help the nation playing an effective role in the regional and international arena.

Al-Thawrah, also commented in its daily column on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The columnist commenced his comment saying Israel used to pretend that it won't halt its military operation unless the Palestinian resistance has already given up its armed struggle.
Likewise , the Palestinian resistance movement confirms that it would never renounce its legislative rights in fighting the occupation troops until regaining the occupied territories and establishing the Palestinian independent state.

The writer went on his arguments saying it is logical that if the reason eliminated , the result will be removed.
The Israeli occupation is the reason of the conflict consequently the Palestinian resistance is the result. Hence, it is illogical to say that the resistance must be ended in order to put an end to the conflict.

All the world leaders realize this fact, however they turn the blind eye on the logic for the sake of America's desire.
When would the American administration come to realize the fact that if the reason is removed, the result absolutely would be disappeared. The writer enquired.

The Aden-based 14 of October, state run daily newspaper, its editorial dealt with the foreign policy of the republic of Yemen.

The paper underscored the achievements of Yemen's foreign policy. It said that the republic of Yemen has stressed the necessity of developing the cooperation relations with the brotherly and friendly countries so as to serve the interests of Yemeni people.

Consequently, the government has eventually managed to ensure financing the development projects in many sectors due to the good relationships between our country and the brotherly and friendly countries as well as the regional and international financial funds.

The paper added that Yemen's open and transparent policy led by president Ali Abdullah Saleh has brought about a remarkable success in the international arena and regional alike.
As a result of this balanced policy, Yemen has been given support from the international organization and great states.

The 14 of October ended its editorial saying the fact is that it strategic location, Yemen has become a partner in the international campaign aiming at bringing about regional and international peace and security.

Al- Mithaq weekly, the organ of the People General Congress party, published an article talked about the Yemeni revolution and the noble humanitarian values.

The writer said undoubtedly, the Yemeni revolution was a turning point in the lifestyle of Yemeni people. It is a great revolution due to the radical changes it has brought about in the social , economical and political fields.
The writer went on appraising the Yemeni revolution principles and goals which aimed at developing the country and improving the live standards of Yemeni society.

لإhe revolution has succeeded in overcoming many social and cultural obstacles used to retard the development process in the society, furthermore it has created an ideal condition for exploiting the country's potential resources.