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Print date: 13-12-2018
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Al-Thawrah & Al-Gomhuryah , October 4
[04/October/2004] Al-Thawrah , official daily, its editorial focused on the Israeli offensive campaign against Palestinian people. It stated that the Zionist state has been launching an aggressive campaign against the Palestinian People in the Gaza strip using the most sophisticated weapons and causing unbearable suffering and heavy loses.

The paper went on saying there is no surprise that the Zionist atrocities have been intensified recently as long as the American administration holds up the Israeli policy , moreover racism and terrorism are both of the Zionist entity’s nature.

Al-Thawrah ‘s editorial added that the main factor of continuing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Palestinian scourge lies in the passive stance of the international community toward this issue and the double standard policy with respect to the international resolutions.

The paper came to say it is so regretful that while Israeli Prime minister Erel Sharon went far in his offensive policy and brutal measures, Arab leaders kept on their shameful silence as if the on going catastrophe in the occupied Arab territories is no longer concern them.

Al-Thawrah concluded its comment saying Yemen represented by its leader Ali Abdullah Saleh had suggested that the best option can be adopted to tackle the Palestinian dilemma is that to concert Arab efforts for standing up to the occupation and backing up the Palestinian uprising .

The Taiz-based , Al-Gomhuryah national daily in its editorial come out under the headline “ Israel Is the opponent of the peace. It said that most analysts had described the unabated Israeli atrocities and cleansing war against the Palestinian people as a natural result of the American unlimited support to the Zionist state which turned out to be the most serious threat to the international peace as the public opinion polls in Europe showed up recently.

Al-Gomhuryah went on saying the statement of the U.S. secretary of state Coline Powel , a few days ago, when he said that the Palestinian Intifadh should be ended as a precondition for establishing the Palestinian statehood, he has prompted the Israeli prime minister to launch his currently offensive attack on the Palestinian people in Gaza strip.

The paper pointed out to Yemen’s comment on the statement of Mr. Powel . It said that the republic of Yemen was one of the states which had viewed Powel’s words as a green line to the Israeli prime minister to go on his annihilation war against the Palestinian people.