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Print date: 23-10-2018
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Al- Mithaq, Sept 13, 2004
[23/September/2004] Main Headlines:
- FM: Lebanese-Syrian relations an internal affair, the Sudan in need of the international community support
- During his visit to Human Rights ministry, the PM gives his directives to include human rights syllabus in educational curricula
The newspaper editorial says that Al-Houthi rebellion has ended up to the fate its has to face although it has taken some time and many human and material losses and Saada will move to the battle of construction and development to repair what the insurgency has destroyed.
In Yemen, the real battles are those of development on economic, social, cultural and political fronts to achieve the progress of our society. But it seems we have to use some of the effort and resources to resist projects adopted by who try to intercept our way for realization of development with projects of destruction and conspiracies.
The end of the rebellion led by Al-Houthi is believed to offer evidence that the Yemeni environment is no longer suitable for the implementation of those projects and all attempts of that kind would be doomed to failure.