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Print date: 13-12-2018
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Al- Thowrah, Sept 14 ,2004
[14/September/2004] The Editorial:
In his weekly column , in Al-Thowrah national daily, the great Yemeni poet and writer Dr Abdul-Aziz al- Magalih, dealt with recent resolution issued by the international security council demands Syria withdrawal its troops from Lebanon. The column came out under the title Arabic Reading on the Recent International Security Coucil Resolution.

Dr. Al-Magalih, criticized the passive stance of the of the international organization the U.N toward the Israeli aggressive policy .

He said that 37 years had passed since Israel occupation troops had invaded the Syrian territories and occupied a large part however the we have not yet seen a clear resolution issued by the security council demanded overtly Israel withdrawal from the Arab territories it had occupied.” It is so ridiculous that the international security council has managed to pass-within few days or hours- a resolution demanding pulling out Syrian troops from Lebanon but has no say on the Israeli troops which have been occupying the Syrian territories in the Golan Highlands and other Arab territories.”

The columnist went on explaining the duplicity that features the ISC resolutions and reproaching the united states domination over the UN .” things have come to a pretty pass in the UN which has become nothing but a means in the USA hands used to serve the American interests”. Said Al-Magalih.

Dr Al-Magalih added saying “ the UN bias and its duplicity will force the liberal states to seek another organization which could help bringing peace and justice in the world, moreover the UN members will no longer be committed to its convention”.