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Print date: 24-01-2019
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Al-Gomhuryah, September 12.
[12/September/2004] Al-Gomhuryah, the Taiz based daily, its editorial talked about the lessons should be taken from the sedition ignited in Sadah by the insurgent Al-Huthi and his supporters .

The paper stated that the sedition was broken down and the insurgents led by Al-Huthi were crushed. But what are the lessons we must learn from the sedition of Al-Huthi so as to prevent the recurrence of suchlike problem in the future. This is the question.

The paper went on reciting a number of recommendations can help preventing what happened in Sadah to be repeated in the future. It said that the government’s concerned ministries , governors and security bodies should play their effective role in eradicating the reasons which brought about the insurgence in Sadah as the following:

First, Mosques should not be allowed to be used as a means for political propaganda but they ought to be confined to the worships purposes.

Second, Mosques and schools should not be allowed to be used as places for recruiting members of the political parties and doctrinning the extremist ideas.

Third , Mosques , libraries and clergy scholars who are assumed the religious preaching must be under the monitoring and supervising of the Endowment and Guidance ministry.

Fourth , the ministries of education and information should not allow propagating the radical views and theories which could help begetting terrorist and egotist groups , consequently disturbing the social security and stability in the society.