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Print date: 16-11-2018
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THE 14 OF OCTOBER, on 5 Sep.
[05/September/2004] The Aden-based daily , 14 of October, focused its editorial on the peace and security in the Middle East. It stated that peace is the most crucial factor for bringing about stability and development in all countries of the region.

The paper went on Saying “ peace and security would never be imposed by force or intimidation as Israeli government has been dealing with Syria”.

The editorial added “ It is obviously that Israeli government’s threats and warnings would push the region into the brink of a war”. On the hand, such threats indicated that Israel had failed to ensure the peace requirements through putting the road map and international resolutions in practice”.

The 14th of October concluded its editorial saying” It seems that tensions and risks aren’t confined to one state but they cast their gloomy shadow over the entire region. Arab world is beset with dangers and chafed under the yoke of foreign occupation in Iraq and Palestine.