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Print date: 16-01-2019
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[01/September/2004] Al-Sahwah , opposition weekly reported that the rate of unemployment has come up to 34% .

The paper reported that the minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Abdulkareem Al-Arhaby, stated that the outrageous unemployment average reaches to 17%, and the partly unemployment is estimated at 36%, while the percentage is 34% among the youths.

Al-Sahwah, also reported that the British government is due to provide Yemen with 55 million pounds as an assistance .

The paper reported that Yemen and Britain had signed with the identical letters an agreement , thereat the British government will extend an assistance to the people of Yemen up to 37 million and 300 thousand pound to share in financing the third phase of the social fund development program and the WB program in the domain of the basic education.

Thus, British government is to extend 12 million and 300 thousands pounds to support the poverty reducing program in addition to 15 million pounds will be presented to help improving the school management in the field of basic education.