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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Al_Balagh, August 24.
[25/August/2004] Al-Balagh, Independent weekly newspaper in its issue No. (582) Aug. 24, reported that Sheikhs try to blackmail the state and purchase arms in Sadah.

The paper reported that while confrontations are on going in Sadah governorate between the state's armed forces and the supporters of the religious preacher Badr-al- Din Al-Huthi , Sheikhs and tribesmen demand numerous amounts of money to help putting down the insurgence broke out there and cleaning up the regions from Al-Huthi militants.

Al-Balagh learned from its sources that during his meeting with the Sheikhs and influential tribesmen in Sadah , the president of the republic had given his directives to them to share in the state’s campaign aiming at breaking down the sedition ignited by Al-Huthi and cleaning up the hideouts of his followers.

The Sheikhs looked on this problems as a heaven-sent chance to bargain away their role in backing up the state for great deal of mony.They could have struck a bargain and received millions YR.