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Print date: 16-12-2018
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The 14 Of OCTOBER, August24.
[24/August/2004] The Aden-based daily newspaper, the 14th of October, its editorial came out today August 24, entitled “There Is Nothing But Waiting For Godot”. It stated that the critical situation of the Arab scene doesn’t let room for glimpse of optimism, on the contrary, what we have seen is that Arab nation could be heading for catastrophe in the future due to the traumatic consequences of the current deteriorations in the Arab arena – particularly in Palestine and Iraq.

The paper went on saying Arab scene is so gloomy. In Palestine , Israeli government has given free rein to its troops to launch a fierce campaign against Palestinian citizens while Arab world and the international community do nothing to curb the Zionist atrocities and brutal aggressions.

On the other side, foreign occupation in Iraq has brought the war – torn country to the brink. The fresh military confrontations between occupation troops and Iraqi national resistance will bring about catastrophic consequences , particularly fighting escalation that recently has taken place in some regions used to be of high religious significance.

The paper’s editorial , came to say that the regional and international organizations had adopted many resolutions concerning to Palestine and Iraq in a bid to bring peace and security back to these two war- torn countries.

Unfortunately, none of those resolutions had eventually come to the force. Thereby , until international resolutions pertaining to the two countries take their effects, there is nothing can be done but waiting for Godot.