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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Al_Gomhuryah, August14.
[14/August/2004] The Taiz-based daily, Al-Gomhuryah focused its editorial , Saturday August 14 , on the president’s of the republic’s speech to the Japanese Necky newspaper.
It stated that the president’s speech to the Necky of Japan characterized by its credibility, frankness and transparent. Yemen’s policy is very well known for the brothers and friends , regionally and domestically . It is always used to be neither rhetorical nor elusive and when it comes to the domestic or national interests , it is impossible to strike a deal or a bargain.

The paper went on saying president Saleh is famous for his sagacity , far-sighted vision and wise leadership. Thereby , he had managed to keep abreast with the international upheavals and cope up with the challenges the country had faced.

The editorial added , it is a lucky strike for the Yemenis that their own president is perceptive and genius leader so that he often could forecast the future’s events and put schemes to deal with them. He could bring about security and stability at the end of the 1970s , then he launched a development campaign in the 80s and made the Yemenis’ greatest dream of the country re-unification come true in 1990.

Al-Gomhuryah, concluded its editorial saying, the president had briefed the Japanese readers on the Yemeni policy and stances towards various issues and developments at this critical stage and the circumstances sweeping the Arab region which is of high significant for the international economy and trade due to its rich resources of petroleum.