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Print date: 16-11-2018
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Al-Thowrah, July21.
[21/July/2004] Al-Thowrah, the leading national daily newspaper, its editorial today July21, focused on fighting terrorism. It stated that to put terrorism under control , there should be an international campaign based on a comprehensive strategy takes into accounts all factors which beget the terrorism and violence phenomenon. Thereupon, all efforts must be lined up to tackle this plight and rid the reasons which are conducive to it.

The paper confirmed that Yemen was an initiator in its policy and efforts to combat terrorism ever since the first terrorist acts took place. It said that Yemen had made it clear that security measures and precautions might help containing terrorist acts, but they couldn’t eradicate the terrorism.

Al-Thowrah went on saying it is unwise that international community is concerned about terrorism danger , meanwhile the whole overlook the development’ s factual obstacles such as poor infrastructure and resources , poverty , illiteracy and high population growth which are sweeping the largest amount of the globe’s inhabitants because these problems spell over their negative impacts on the international stability.