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Print date: 11-12-2018
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Al- Shumoo, July 10, 2004
[16/July/2004] The Editorial:
The newspaper’s political editor says in his article it is not necessary to have beforehand evidence to condemn al-Houthy and his group the state must present to convince those skeptical of the hugeness of the crime committed by al-Houthy and his group. The event in itself is enough to indicate that al-Houthy has prepared himself quite enough and according to a strategic plot aimed at rendering the rebellion into an internal crisis. The Houthy crime, according to the political editor of the Al-Shumou weekly, is very clear proof for condemning and incriminating him, and the ferocious resistance he is showing reflects all factors of sedition especially in fighting preparation of his followers.
It is really regrettable that the information address of the opposition has dealt with the event in a malicious way, though perhaps most of them are ignorant of the reality of the conspiracy and its internal and external dimensions.