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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Al- Umma, July 8, 2004
[16/July/2004] The Editorial:
The newspaper\'s political editor says the sounds of shells and destructive pounding of the areas of Saada governorate have not lulled yet and the Yemeni bloodshed did not stop and there is no hope for a near peaceful solution to the crisis. All indications point out that no one but the authority and the president can accomplish it. The more dangerous thing is in the orientation of the information address going alongside the military campaign. It has undermined constants of all the political regimes since the eruption of the revolution despite the excesses and mistakes in the name of the revolution. Today and against outcomes of the military confrontation in Saada and the media an security campaign all over the country, it seemed as if it has no relationship with the nature of events but rather instigation of sectarian questions and creating a division on that basis.