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Print date: 23-10-2018
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Al- Mithaq, June 28 , 2004
[03/July/2004] The Editorial:
The newspaper’s editorial says the strict dealing, by order imposition and protection of the constitution authorities against any violation, with al-Hothy and his followers is the treatment that the groups of sedition deserve. No individuals or groups have the right to establish armed groups or civil organizations based on sectarian or racial bases and calling for violence. That is prohibited, constitutionally and legally. That is what al-Hothy and his group have done to the extent that they adopted slogans and calls contradicting our national constants, including the republican system.
The have embarked on attacking government institutions, storming mosques and fomenting on sedition and violating the constitution and the law. Therefore it was necessary to deal with them in a resolute manner to be a lesson for others. the eye-catching thing is that against such a dangerous sedition, the opposition parties known for talking about many small things have not uttered a word regarding this great event and some of the opposition newspapers even did not hide their sympathy with this insurgency. We think this reflects a dangerous failure in the opposition parties nature of role.