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Print date: 22-01-2019
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[29/June/2004] By Abdulsalam Al-Korary.
AL- THOWRAH , the leading national newspaper focused its editorial today, 29 June, on the insurgence being raged in Sa’adah governorate-some 260km northeast the capital Sana’a- led by the seditous Bader Al-Dean Al-Howthy.

The paper stated that it isn’t a surprise that some people think they could put the clock back and they can bring back the notorious imamate tyranny ruling which Yemeni people had driven it out to the rubbish of the history on the 26 of September 1962.

The paper went on saying no surprising to see a coterie of pro-Imamate monarchy have lost their temper because they got terribly jealous due to the great achievements the revolution has been making since 1962.

Hence , this handful of dissidents are mean understanding yet they have unveiled their deep malignance and ill-purposes. Indeed , they have vainly tried to trigger a form of violence or sedition in a bid to destabilize the security and to disturb the peace and social stability in the country.

Al-Thowrah added that these dissidents who could not familiarize themselves with the political upheavals that had taken place and violated the constitution, broke the laws , ignited insurgence and disturb social and political stability should hold the responsibility and come to accountability.
Thereupon , to stand up to such as sabotage and subversive acts is a religious and national duty. The whole must hold off the insurgents’ s wicked goals. Clerics, security and armed forces as well as all state’s bodies ought to line up efforts to put down the insurgence.