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Print date: 13-12-2018
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Al- Thawry, June 17, 2004
[24/June/2004] Main Headlines:
• A journalist banned from writing for one year
• Reform at crossroads of local suppressions

Columnist Qassem says in an article the American information policy has made many of those interested in politics and audience of satellite channels mistaken that there is not in the world but America and occupation forces that despite of the presence of armies from other countries the Americans took hold of everything, even the atrocities and scandals of torture and their British allies, for example, seem to be as if part of civilian units of the federal American national guard.
The Arab governments have not paid much attention to stands of European countries such as Germany, France and Spain and did not follow up the stands of Russia that are supporting the liberation of Iraq and establishment of a legitimate elected government. Russia has announced in person of its foreign minister that the Russian forces would be sent to Iraq under demand from the Iraq legitimate and elected government and refused America’s attempts for involving Russia in the inferno of Iraq. The Russian stance did not stop at that refusal but it was maintained through diplomatic efforts and the Russian distinguished stand at the UN where it has worked to ensure that the UN resolution aimed at determining the transfer to an new phase for solving the Iraqi crisis, i.e. moving from occupation to a democratic government and the international assistance to Iraq after the end of occupation.
Moreover, Russia has refused any role of the NATO in Iraq and considered that the UN must increase its role. It seems that the Arabs are preoccupied with news of the general Kimmit and neglected the sands of their friends and some of them are engaged in appeasing America and gaining its love.