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Print date: 18-12-2018
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26 September, June 17, 2004
[24/June/2004] The Editorial:
The newspaper’s editorial says the importance of the active participation of president Ali Abdulla Saleh in the G-8 summit lies in its objective expression of the soundness of the Yemeni vision that associated its welcome of the political reforms with the help of the rich countries to the poor ones in areas of economic reforms in a manner enabling them overcome crises of development and surmount its challenges as it is considered the main hindrance of any genuine political change towards democracy. It is indicated by the embodiment of political and partisan freedoms as well as the freedom of the press, the woman participation and respect of human rights in a way the government political institutions become an expression of their peoples’ will as they are the goal of development and the foundation of any positive change in their societies. The association also linked Yemen’s vision of the reforms to successes in fighting terror phenomenon by tangible achievements in the area of fighting poverty as it forms a fertile environment for the growth of terror. Yemen’s stand has proceeded from its experiment in fighting this phenomenon by dealing with its causes and factors leading to it. Yemen realizes that terror phenomenon threat of security and stability undermines all the efforts exerted for the achievement of development and economic progress parallel to the change and political alteration meeting requirements of its peoples and expressing their interests and aspirations.
In its submission of this vision to the summit, Yemen gives a sum up of an experience of its democratic experiment that began with its restoration of its unity on 22 May 22 1990.