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Print date: 15-10-2018
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Shura Chairman meets delegates

SANA’A, April 26 (Saba) - Chairman of the Shura Council Abdul-Aziz Abdul- Ghani met separately here on Monday with head of foreign relations and defense and security committee in the French Senate Andre Dulait and President of Mauritanian Senate Jing Bobo Varba.
He met also President of Qatari Shura Council Mohammad bin Mubarak, head of the Saudi Delegation Yosif bin Yaqob and president of Bahraini Shura Council Faisl al-Mosawi.
In the meeting, Abdul-Ghani discussed separately with them bilateral relations between Yemen’s Shura council and Shura and Senate council in the respective countries and their reflections on mutual relations.
The talks focused also on the march of the works of the 1st Conference of the Association Senates, Shura and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World and its role in enhancing the popular and civil relations between Yemen and the Association’s countries.