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Print date: 16-12-2018
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Senates conference to convene Sunday in Sana\'a
[24/April/2004] SANA\'A, April 23 (Saba) - The 1st conference of the Association of Senates and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World is due to begin in Sana\'a Sunday.

The three-day event is expected to bring together Arab and African delegations from 21 of the association\'s member countries and representatives of different world parliaments outside the

Among those participating countries will be Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Switzerland, Madagascar and Nigeria.

The prime of the objective of the conference will be the approval of the draft charter of the association.

It will discuss the importance of bicameralism in strengthening and advancing democracy and the role of the civil societies, human rights groups and NGOs in enhancing democratic participation.

The draft charter of the association advocates the bicameral model, strengthens cooperation between nations and advances the efforts of senates toward further involvement of the public in decision-making.